Manage contacts with Launchpad's "Manage Contact" feature displayed in Settings. There are 3 key functions of this new feature.

  • Export. 

    • Select the 'export' option
    • Follow the prompts for your browser and save the file in a folder.
    • All the contacts for the selected location will be downloaded in a CSV. file. 
    • The export file will include all fields available for every contact, besides 'history'. This export file should not be used to import contacts back into Launchpad.

Note: Because your export file contains ALL of your contact information with the exception of the History section, you can use it to 1) view a list of all your patient phase statuses to update individual contacts and 2) update other email systems with Launchpad unsubscribes

  • Delete. 

    • If you'd like to delete a contact, open the contact's detailed record and delete any/all contacts manually.

  • Import. 

    • Select an import option and location
    • Upload a file that matches the format of the sample CSV
    • Select all permissions that apply. 
    • Next, you'll see the number of successfully imported contacts. If any contacts failed to import, you'll see a report explaining why. 
    • Launchpad will not import duplicate contacts. 
    • Finally, all contacts successfully imported will be automatically sent the "Email Clean-Up Campaign”.

Note: Only new contacts can be imported. This ensure existing contacts do not have important information overwritten.


Q: Why can't I import contacts? 

A: Launchpad requires all files to match the sample CSV file format. We recommend you copy/paste all contact information from your list to the sample CSV. If you have issues with copying/pasting, then click here. If you are using your original file (not recommended), and have issues converting the file, then click here (ie. converting from XLS to CSV).

Q: Why can't I update my existing contacts through an import? 

A: The opportunity for error is far too large. You may end up overwriting good data for bad data.