'Monthly Campaigns' are pre-made email campaigns that you can schedule and deploy easily from Launchpad once every month from the "Emails" > "Monthly Campaigns" tab. If you are going to schedule email campaigns closer than 3 weeks apart, make sure to check the length of the automated series of the campaign you're running so that they don’t overlap one another. To check the duration of email campaigns, click here.

These campaigns are sent to your email audience members and are meant to keep this audience engaged over time. By utilizing these pre-made campaigns, your clinic stays top of mind and positions you and your clinic as the expert in your area.

Email Replies: 

All email replies will be sent to the email in Launchpad indicated as "Send Replies To:". This is location specific and can differ if you have multiple locations within Launchpad. To learn more about your location information, click here.

Email Audience Members:

Your full email list consists of the emails you provided at the beginning of your Growth X experience during onboarding, in addition to the emails from all your workshop registrants over time and any new contacts you add through the "Contacts" tab. 

Types of Campaigns:

The Growth X system has a number of campaign types available that are pre-made and ready to deploy! For more details on each email campaign, click here.

  • Goodwill CampaignsThese campaigns offer free content to the readers and ask that they engage with the provided content (i.e. 'watch the video', 'do the audit', etc). When the reader engages with the content, they will be prompted to handle their pain by scheduling in with your clinic to solve their pain and get back to normal naturally.

  • Patient Testimonial CampaignsThese campaigns are generalized testimonials (not specific to your clinic) that explain the benefits of PT from the patient perspective.

  • Greatest Promotion Ever (GPE) CampaignsThese campaigns are meant to promote a free-screening event that you host in your clinic. It is recommended that you host these events 2x a year (during the months leading up to your slowest times). To learn more about hosting a GPE event and how to maximize your efforts towards hosting this event, speak with your designated Growth X Customer Success Manager!

  • Single Question Email CampaignThese are engagement campaigns meant to solicit general email responses to questions posed in the email itself.

  • Single Question Survey Email CampaignThis campaign asks recipients to answer if they have experienced any pain in the last 7 days and what the pain scale is. Best paired with the GPE campaigns.

  • Workshop Reminder Campaign - This campaign reminds your email list of an upcoming workshop and prompts them to register for the workshop. Double-check that you are sending the correct workshop type when sending this campaign. It is recommended that this campaign is sent 2 weeks prior to your workshop - but not for every workshop (recommended: once a quarter per workshop type).

  • Lightforce Laser Campaign This campaign is for Lightforce Laser Owners only, offering free trials of the laser to readers. If you are interested in learning more about the Lightforce Laser, fill out this interest form.

Most campaigns do generate a BOOM email after a reader has taken action on the email call to action (CTA). To familiarize yourself with what BOOM emails are and who receives what types of BOOM emails, read more here.

Sending Out Email Campaigns:

To learn how to schedule and deploy email campaigns in Launchpad, click here

To learn how to view email copy and content from Launchpad, click here.

Monthly Campaign Options -  Complete List:

To learn more about each email campaign (copy, duration, media and call to action) we offer, click here.