To walkthrough uploading testimonials in Launchpad, click here.

Testimonials are a key element of your landing page. They provide social proof and increase click to conversion rates. Testimonials must include Patient Name, written Testimonial, and Patient Image or it will not show on your landing page. Patient Image must be a .jpg or .png file.

Standard testimonial format: “Before physical therapy, I couldn’t do XYZ because of my [your funnel type] pain. Thanks to [your WS presenter name or practice name] I can now do XYX.”

Testimonial Photo Guidelines: The above photo  is a great example of a testimonial patient image

  • PT’s are clearly identifiable in branded shirts
  • Everyone is smiling with arms around one another. This establishes trust and demonstrates the bond between the patient and PT.
  • Lighting is bright and image is high quality.

How? Testimonials are uploaded on your Funnel specific page. From your Launchpad (, head to the left sidebar and follow these steps to upload your testimonials:

1. Navigate to your Location page (Reminder: Settings > Location > Edit)

2. Scroll to the bottom of your Location page to the list of Workshop Types

3. Click Edit next to the the name of the Funnel. This brings you to your Funnel  page:

4. For Testimonial One, enter Patient Name

5. Upload Patient Image

    5.1 Click Choose File

    5.2 Choose a high quality testimonial image from your computer

6. Type out written Testimonial

7. Click Testimonial Two

8. Repeat steps 4–6 

9. Click Testimonial Three

10. Repeat steps 4–6 

11. Click Update

More on Killer Testimonials 

Want to learn more about our Killer Testimonial Machine? We share this module from our Killer Marketing program to help you and your staff understand the importance of collecting testimonials, and implement your own killer testimonial system. Click here to check it out! (must be logged into the PT Experts Academy for hyperlink to function).