We place your workshop presenter name and image on your landing page. This must match who is in your videos for this funnel, even if that person may not host every workshop. 

To walkthrough adding your presenter name and photo in Launchpad, click here.

How? This information lives in your Funnel page. From your LaunchPad (ptworkshops.com), head to the left sidebar and follow these steps:

1. Navigate to your Location page (Reminder: Settings > Locations > Edit)

2. Scroll to the bottom of your Location page to the list of Workshop Types

4. Click Edit next to the Funnel you are adding information to

This brings you to your Funnel specific page:


5. Enter Workshop Presenter First Name. This needs to match the person in your videos. 

6. Enter Workshop Presenter Last Name  Include any credentials or post-nominal letters, but keep it to 1-2 sets of letters since the general public does not generally recognize these letters and it can create a barrier of trust. 

7. Upload a Picture of Your Workshop Presenter. Please ensure it is a recent, high quality photo. Low resolution or grainy photos will affect conversion rates.


    7.1 Click Choose File

    7.2 Choose a high quality headshot of the workshop presenter(s) from your computer

8. Click Update

For Co-presenters

For co-presenters you can use Workshop Presenter First Name to enter the first presenter‘s first name, last name (plus any credentials), and “&,” ie. “Carl Mattiola &” and Workshop Presenter Last Name to enter the second presenter‘s first name and last name (plus any credentials), ie “Chad Madden.”