Are you seeing something incorrect being sent from our system that a potential patient (a lead) or current patient sees? Anything community facing that is incorrect is categorized as a 911

To report a Growth X 911 to our team:

  1. Check that it's a true GX 911 as defined here:

    • A broken landing page link or inaccurate data being shown

    • An inability to register for the workshop

    • Incorrect information being advertised on Facebook or being emailed to leads

  2. Email describing the problem in as much detail as possible (the contact this is happening for [name, phone number, email address], screenshots or screen share video of what you are experiencing, etc). 

  3. Make sure the subject line has the word "911" or "Urgent" in it. 

As our email goes to all Customer Success Managers, regardless if your Customer Success Manager is available at that moment or not, someone will be with you to handle this situation for you in a timely manner. The more information you are able to provide to us in that first email, the less back and forth needed to be able to send of to our product or ad-ops team if a fix is needed.