Many practices see a dip in visit numbers between October to January because of the holidays. Additionally, due to increased Facebook advertising competition during the holiday season, we recommend diversifying practice marketing. We've developed strategies you can use to maintain a consistent volume of new patients during the holiday months. 

  1. Build Your Marketing Calendar. Watch Kathy discuss creating your marketing calendar. Keep in mind your patient goals. Set a goal for conversion rates.

  2. Run a GPE Email Campaign. The GPE email campaign is a big patient generator for Growth X practices. We recommend running one in November or December while ad competition is high. We also recommend running a GPE Ads Funnel early in the new year.

  3. Run Workshops.
    • Avoid holding workshops the week of Christmas and Thanksgiving
    • Avoid “in person” workshops between December 15th - January 3rd

  4. Set up more Partner Workshops. Many businesses are looking for marketing opportunities during this time. Click here to read more on running partner workshops.

  5. Run your best performing funnels over the Christmas/New Year holidays. In many cases, this means run a virtual workshop, if you're comfortable. Virtual workshops have a lower cost per lead which will conserve ad spend while still building your email list. It's also great for holiday travelers!

  6. Schedule Email Campaigns. Launchpad has several holiday email campaigns. Check them out here and get to scheduling!

  7. Create End of Year Deductible Awareness. Make sure your patients understand they could have unused benefits which they've already paid for. Run the new End of Year Deductible Campaign. Send out direct mail, post flyers inside your practice and highlight it in newsletters. 

There are several strategies you can use to help boost and maintain your patients during the holiday season. It's a lot to keep up with! We've created checklists to keep these strategies simple and easy to follow.