Your email list is your most important digital marketing asset. We will help you grow your list and nurture the contacts on it through our monthly email campaigns. 

To walkthrough importing your email list in Launchpad, click here.

How? Please format your list according to the instructions below before submitting it. 

1. Gather your email list for the location in which you are running Growth X.

2. Organize your list to match our template including the names of columns. No additional columns or information please.

It is OK if you don't have each field of information filled out for every contact. 

The titles of the column headers must match our template exactly. 

It needs to look like this in order to import correctly:

3. Remove contacts that DO NOT have email addresses

4. Check to make sure names are properly capitalized - if you upload names in all caps, their emails will be addressed in all caps. 

5. Once your list is ready to upload, please head to your Settings tab and click Manage Contacts

6. Click "Import Contacts " 

7. Upload your list on this page using the Choose File button. 

8. Select if you have permission to email and/or text this list using the check boxes provided.

9. Click Next/Upload

10. Launchpad will tell you how many contacts imported successfully, and outline if there were errors uploading any contacts.

11. IMPORTANT: Once your list is imported, the email below is automatically sent to your imported list. 

Subject: Hi [Contact.FirstName]! We're here for you
Body: Hello [Contact.FirstName], This is [Contact.WorkshopPresenterFirstName] from [Contact.PracticeName] and you’ve been part of our community in the past.
We recently updated our email system and wanted to let you know that we are going to start sharing more tips and exclusive offers. We're excited to help you continue to get back to normal naturally!
If you would like us to text message you when we have exciting new offers, click here. Regards,
[Practice_Address] P.S. - Are you experiencing any health or activity issues right now? If so, reply to this email and let us know how we can help.
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