We want all leads to make it to your inbox. Whitelisting will prevent any Growth X related emails from going to your Spam.  Whitelisting adds an email address to your "safe" list, bypassing your spam blockers. 

Who needs to do it? This needs to be completed from the email addresses you listed in your Location page in LaunchPad: 

    1. Email of person in charge of operating this funnel for your practice

    2. Send Replies to Address

    3. The Front Desk Email for Receiving BOOMs 

    4. Owner Email for Receiving BOOMs


How do I whitelist? Follow these steps from each email from your practice that will be interacting with Growth X:

1. Log in to your email account

2. Send 1 email to to the following email addresses with the subject “WHITELIST” and an empty body. You can copy and paste this list of email addresses and send one mass email to the entire list:

3. Add each of the above email addresses to your email address's Address Book or Contact list

4. Repeat steps 2–3 for any other emails from your practice that interact with Growth X