From the time that Growth X generates a patient lead for you to the time that lead becomes a patient and then graduates from their plan of care, the contact goes through what's called the 'Patient Phases'. These phases outline their journey through the Growth X system and your clinic alike. 

There are 5 Patient Phases that contacts can pass through: 

Workshop > Free Screen > Initial Evaluation > Current Patient > Graduated Patient

Diagram of the 5 Patient Phases & Bucketing States

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Each phase has a particular set of bucketing options that can be selected for the contact given their interactions with your clinic and staff. Once bucketed, the contact will receive automated email sequences from the system corresponding to the bucketing state selected by you or your staff. To learn more about these phases & bucketing states, you can review the following: 

All bucketing states can be selected within the contacts' detailed record page. Only the "Workshop Bucketing States" can be selected from the workshop registration page for each workshop.

If at any time the contact unsubscribes from your email list, they will move to the "No Phase" state automatically. A user with PHI viewing privileges can bucket contacts as "Remove From Phase" to manually move them to this phase, as well.

For a further, deep dive into patient phases, click the video below.