Access Growth X Academy for learning content specifically designed to help you convert people into patients and get the most out of Growth X. 

Be sure to register for this new platform by emailing your Customer Success Manager. 

Growth X Academy teaches you the Growth X strategies and best practices to get the most growth out of our system through guided learning modules. Now, you can easily train your practice team members to convert leads into patients with courses organized by role. 


Q: What's the difference between PT Experts Academy and Growth X Academy?
A: Growth X Academy is all the great content of PT Experts Academy organized on a better platform that provides easier navigation and more efficient learning.

Q: Why are there 2 registration links?
A: We've organized learning modules into courses for staff members and owners. Owners, you'll be able to see staff and owner courses when you register so no need to register under both links.

Q: What email should I use to register?
A: It's best to use the email associated with your practice. We recommend using the same login information you use for Launchpad.

Q: How many staff can register under the link?
A: Unlimited. We recommend every staff member create their own account to better track course progression. 

Q: How do I access Killer Marketing, All Star or Max Value if I previously purchased these courses? 

A: Please fill out this form and our team will restore your access. 

Q: Why am I seeing Breakthrough University?
A: Even though you're accessing Growth X Academy, you may notice Breakthrough University in the web address. That's because we use this platform for all our learning content.