Step 1: Pick your funnel

We have two options for virtual workshops: Lower Back Pain and Rotator Cuff. Your virtual workshop will be set up just like a regular, in person workshop but there will be a place to put your webinar link.

Step 2: Decide Your Ad Spend

The virtual workshops are advertised for a shorter period of time than in-person workshops. Your ads will run between 3-14 days, depending on when your workshop takes place. The ads will be very clear that the workshop is online. Your ad spend is a minimum of $250 per week for Virtual Workshops. This spend could increase, based on results.

Step 3: Promote

Have partners in your community share your webinar link with their network at no cost to you. During this crisis, the community is banding together. Use this time to connect with other businesses. Try your local gym or fitness center! For more details on promoting your Virtual Workshop, click here.

To learn more about running a successful virtual workshop, click here.