Follow these 9 Steps to convert workshop attendees to paying patients.  

  1. Share. Have your attendees share their name, pain and experience. Probe lightly while reminding people why they are there.

  2. Reluctant Demo. Show results and a quick win. Let them know what you’re talking about by actually showing them. Look for someone with a discrepancy. Bring that individual up and get some sort of positive result or progress.

  3. Share Content. Start with “3 Common Causes.” Tap into the audience’s emotion. Engage the audience with questions about their pain experience that trigger empathy.

  4. Why You? Briefly explain your story. It could be why you’re a physical therapist, why you love the community, what you’re the best at, etc. Be 1 in a category of 1.

  5. Share Quick Success Stories. Tell your best patient stories. Weave these into your presentation.

  6. Give an Out. You want to emphasize that no level of pain is okay, even minor. Eliminate people feeling guilty for being there.

  7. Address Excuses. Go through their options: ignore it, alter it or handle it. Talk about the #1 most common mistake people make: ignoring it.

  8. Offer a Deal. Drive attendees to schedule with an exclusive deal, a free screen. Emphasize that free screens aren’t given to everyone, just workshop attendees.

  9. Questions & Answers. Leave a few minutes at the end to answer any questions attendees may have.

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