• Wide vs. Deep vs. Square. Choose whichever the presenter prefers. Chad’s favorite is the square to create an intimate audience feel. 
  • Number of Registrants. You always want a few less chairs than the number of registrants. You won’t always get 100% attendance. Empty seats emphasize why people didn’t show up. Have chairs on backup just in case there is 100% show. 
  • Temperature. Chad prefers 70 - 72 degrees when presenting. It’s proven that colder temperatures keep people awake. 
  • Noises. Shut off any noises that may prohibit attendees from hearing.
  • Interruptions. Always put in processes to limit distractions from your presentation. 


  • White Board. It’s engaging to draw and demonstrate during your presentation. 
  • Podiums vs Table. Chad prefers a table so there’s no barrier between him and the audience. Choose whichever you prefer. 
  • Models, Illustrations. If you’re not going to draw on the whiteboard, bring models or illustrations to keep your audience engaged. 
  • Testimonials Hanging. Make sure you’re parading people by testimonials. Your waiting room is a great place to display testimonials.  


  • Worksheet. Everyone gets a worksheet to fill out. 
  • Pens. Have pens to handout to the audience. 
  • Report. Have this ready to handout to attendees. 
  • Book (if you have one). Chad constantly drops hints about his book for social consumption and social proof.
  • Water vs. Snacks vs. Decorations. Chad’s realized that people who are coming to workshops are looking for information, not snacks and decorations. Only providing water bottles is the best option.

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