Why is it important to host workshops at your practice?


  • Establishes A.C.E. (authority, celebrity, expertise). You get to pick what you’re known for. Pick what patient you want to attract. 
  • It’s a forum to demonstrate treatment.
  • When workshops are done right, they convert people into patients. You don’t need to rely on physician referrals. 
  • Workshops maximize your use of time by selling to a group not an individual.  
  • You can be the practice that people stumble upon and look for. You want your practice to be hunted, not just hunting for patients. 
  • Give your practice an event to promote. Workshops are a great direct response marketing tool. 
  • Sales Funnel. You can offer information, products or services. Workshops are a key part of the patient experience funnel. 
  • Workshops prove a level of commitment from attendees. The people who show up to workshops are more committed to getting treatment. 
  • Recordable. Repeatable. Systemized.

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