It's important to understand the patient experience funnel to identify areas of the funnel that need improvement. Writing Green Ink Letters is a tactic that can emphasize improvement in many of these stages. Below is a helpful image that illustrates the patient experience funnel. 

Lead Magnet: Something valuable you offer for free that leads to an individual “raising their hand” for your services. A lead magnet could be a short video, report, etc. 

Tripwire: Something that involves a small investment to separate those looking for something for free versus people who are serious about doing business with you. A tripwire involves more commitment, either time or money. 

Core Service: Treatment that’s typically billable through insurance 

Cash Pays and Upsells: Additional services individuals want to pay cash for. This could be laser therapy, a nutritional program, etc.

Return Path: This is your past patient list. People returning for additional treatment. 

Referrals: A past patient that leads others to your business. It’s also referred to as word of mouth. 

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