Interested in running a virtual workshop? Great! We are excited to help you with this process! Please follow the following information and steps to make sure you are ready and set up for success to have a virtual workshop for your clinic:

7 Setup Steps for A Successful Virtual Workshop:

Review this "How to Conduct A Virtual Workshop" PDF.

Reach out to your Growth X Customer Success Manager expressing your interest in having a Virtual Workshop Funnel built out.

Set up a Zoom Account (or another webinar software of your choice).

Modify one of the following PowerPoint Presentation Templates for your own practice
- - Rotator Cuff Virtual Workshop PowerPoint Template
- - Lower Back Pain Virtual Workshop PowerPoint Template

BONUS: Add in 5-min miracle video into the presentation (see this example from Ouachita PT - 8m50s min mark) -- and then see their review recap call with their GX Customer Success Manager here.

Schedule your Virtual Workshops into your Launchpad

Practice your Virtual Workshop presentation & review one of the following Virtual Workshop examples: 

Rotator Cuff:
-- Outchita PT - 08:55
-- Kaizen PT - 1:08
-- Madden PT - 04.22
-- Madden PT - 04.30
-- Madden PT - 05.29

-- Madden PT

Low Back Pain:
-- Madden PT

-- Madden PT

Practice, Delegate & Master your Virtual Workshop Workflow:

- - Before the Virtual Workshop  - -

>> Confirmation Touchpoints - Ensure that you are following the Confirmation Call Process Outlined Here and referring to the "Virtual Workshop" section of the document. For those that are confirmed, send out the Workshop Worksheet (see how to find your workshop worksheet template here) + ZOOM Meeting details (just to be safe) via email at least a day before the workshop.

>> Supercharge Registrations with Cross Marketing Efforts - See cross-marketing ideas here (but don't do this EVERY workshop - only 1 time every few months for each pain type).

- - During the Virtual Workshop  - -

>> Zoom Support (Q&A, Chat, Recording) - Discuss with your staff how you plan on handling the Q&A, Chat, and who is in charge of making sure the recording is happening during the presentation itself. You can check out some "how-to" videos from our team here on best practices and strategies on how to do this:

----- Zoom Pro: Chat Support Interactions
----- Zoom Webinar: Chat Support Interactions

>> Closing Tactics - AKA The Most Important Part! You want to make sure you have clearly decided which call to action you want to present at the end of your presentation for your "Close". To go over the options and how to execute these effectively, watch our presentation on this in Growth X Academy.

- - After the Virtual Workshop  - -

>> Follow up with Attendees - As per the Madden PT Virtual Workshop Process seen here (2nd page).

PT Experts Module & Infomation on How to Host a Virtual Workshop