Text Inbox is Launchpad's section for displaying and responding to text messages from leads and patients.

2-Way Texting

2-way texting is a feature of Text Inbox and must be enabled separately for your account.

  • If you do not have 2-way texting enabled, you will not be able to reply to texts; however, you will be able to see all text messages sent to your leads automatically from Launchpad.

Using Text Inbox

For a walk through video on how to use Text Inbox, click here.

Step 1: Set Up Notifications

Follow the steps in this help center article.

Step 2: Open Text Inbox 

Step 3: Select a contact conversation or Search for a new contact already in your Contacts section

Step 4: Monitor automated texts 

Step 5: Reply to texts if 2-way texting is enabled for your account