Our system needs future workshop dates so it can automatically update the information on your landing page month to month. We plan out the entire year to avoid any accidental lapses.


Fear commitment? No worries! You can change dates/times if necessary down the road for any non-active workshop dates. 

Unsure when to plan your first workshop? You will host your first workshop roughly 4 weeks after your contract start date (unless launching with virtual workshops - we suggest 2 weeks of ad run time for virtual workshops). We recommend hosting workshops on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings or Saturday mornings, but this can vary depending on your staff availability and unique trends in your community. 

To walkthrough adding workshops in Launchpad, click here.

How? From your Launchpad (ptworkshops.com), head to the left sidebar and follow these steps:

1. Click Workshops on the left sidebar to navigate to your Workshops page

2. Click Add New Workshop 

The Add Event box will populate:

3. Choose the Location where the Growth X workshop will be hosted

4. Select the Workshop Type aka your funnel

5. Select the Workshop Event Date

6. Select the Workshop Event Time, using the arrows to change hours, minutes, and time of day.

7. Enter 1000 USD Ad Spend. This is your monthly ad spend budget with Facebook.

* If adding virtual workshop dates you will also need to add your Zoom link after the ad spend. Please make sure your Zoom settings are updated before adding the link. Click here for instructions on how to set up Zoom properly.


8. Click Add

9. Repeat steps 2-8 for the remaining 11 workshops, planning roughly 4 weeks between each workshop.