We use the information you input on your location specific page to create your custom ads and landing pages. We also use information from this page to set up email and call tracking automation. 

To walkthrough setting up your location settings in Launchpad, click here.

How? From your LaunchPad (ptworkshops.com), head to the left sidebar and follow these steps:

1. Click Settings > Locations

2. Click the Edit icon

Your Location Page that houses the information specific to that location will populate:

4. Enter the First Name of the person in charge of operating this funnel for your practice. Typically this is the owner.

5. Enter the best Email Where You Want To Receive Growth X Required Action Emails at the location. Typically this is the owner email.

6. Choose your Call to Action that will be offered in GX automated emails. Free screen is proven to convert, but you have the option to choose appointment if you do not offer free screens.

7. Select the location’s Time Zone

8. Enter Your Big Hairy Audacious Goal For this Location

9. Enter Your Practice‘s Address (Line 1), including building number, street, suite number. Please leave Address Line 2 blank.

10. Enter the location address Zip Code

11. Enter the location address City

12. Enter the location address State

13. Enter the Area Code that is most recognizable in your area. The area code you input here is the area code we will create your Growth X tracking number with - it may or may not match your practice's area code.

14. Enter the location Main Phone (Will be Replaced with Breakthrough Tracking Number). We route your tracking number to the number entered here.

15. Enter the FROM NAME For Your Funnel, either Presenter name or Practice name. This is the name that will populate in recipients' inboxes when we send emails on your behalf.


16. Enter the best email to receive email replies in Send Replies To Address. Your contacts will reply to the emails we send on your behalf, this is the address the replies will go to.

17. Enter the email of the person responsible for BOOM follow-up at the location in Front Desk Email for Receiving BOOM. This address received ALL BOOM types.

18. Enter the Owner Email for Receiving BOOM. This email receives WS registrant and phone BOOMs only. 

19. Click Update

PLEASE NOTE: After clicking update, the address fields and the BOOM fields will lock to protect this information from being changed accidentally. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you need to update these fields.