All contacts are labeled with what "Patient Phase" they are in within the Growth X system within their specific contact's detailed record at the to top of the page. There are 5 Patient Phases a contact can fall into: 

Workshop > Free Screen > Initial Evaluation > Current Patient > Graduated Patient

Diagram of the 5 Patient Phases & Bucketing States

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When looking up a contact within the system, it is easily seen which phase of the patient funnel the contact is in and which email sequence they are currently receiving. To learn more about the Patient Phases, read this article

Contact's "Patient Phase" View
Contact's "Emails Receiving" View

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In addition to the Patient Phases, multiple bucketing state options exist for each of these potential patient phases. The automated emails that are deployed when a bucketing state is selected for this contact helps to create a better patient experience for those engaging with your clinic - from start to finish!

To review the bucketing states for each of the different phases, refer to the following: 

If a contact wishes to be removed from the patient phase email sequences, a user with PHI access may select "Remove From Current Phase" in any Patient Phase bucketing options.