One of the types of patient leads Growth X generates for your clinic is a "Workshop Registrant Lead". Once these leads are registered, it is up to the clinic staff to contact these patient leads, gather more information about these individuals, help them navigate their options and then select what is best for their health.

The possible actions that a patient lead can take correlate directly with the bucketing states available:

Once a patient lead has been bucketed, the corresponding automated email sequences will be deployed.

A patient lead in the "Workshop Patient Phase" can be bucketed at any time from either the workshop registration page of the workshop that they are registered for or from the contact's detailed record page for that given individual.

Bucketing From the Workshop Registration Page
Bucketing From the Contact's Detail Record Page

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The possible next phase that a patient lead can move to from the "Workshop Patient Phase" is either the "Free Screen Patient Phase" or "Initial Eval Patient Phase".

If a patient lead doesn't schedule a Free Screen or Initial Evaluation - they will remain in the Workshop Patient Phase.

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