This is an extension of our efforts to introduce more 1-way text messaging functionality within our system. This means that ALL workshop registrant will get a text reminder before the workshop but will not be able to respond back to your message and you be able to see it. This is communicated to the registrant within the text message itself through mentions of [do_not_reply].

Text Reminder Workflow:

  • The text message reads:

    do_not_reply - Hi [Contact.FirstName] - Your [Workshop.Type] is tomorrow, [Contact.WorkshopDateHumanized],at [Contact.WorkshopAddress]. If you need directions or have any questions please call [Practice.Phone] - DO NOT REPLY VIA TEXT.

Please Note:

  • The receiving registrant cannot reply to these text messages.
  • If the receiving registrant clicks on the "Call" button within the messaging screen, it will call the practice via your call tracking number.
  • If you bucket this registrant as "Upsold to Free Screen Before Workshop", "IE Scheduled", or "Remove From Current Phase", the recipient will not receive this text message reminder prior to the workshop date.

Screenshot Preview of the Workshop Text Reminder: