When Do I Bucket a Contact as 'No Show'?: After the workshop is over, if the contact hadn't shown up for the workshop, you would bucket them as "No Show". This is regardless if you were able to confirm the registrant prior to the workshop or if you hadn't been able to contact them at all. 

What Happens if the Reader Uses the Hyperlink to Register for the Next Workshop?: If the reader uses the link to register for the next workshop, they will be registered for the next workshop in that appropriate workshop registrant tab with the source indicating "NoShowSequence". This lets you know as the confirmation call person that this registrant came from this email sequence.

NOTE: If there is NO WORKSHOP scheduled for that same workshop type in the future in your Launchpad, the hyperlink will appear to be broken if a recipient receives this email.

Example of What the Source Will Look Like If Reader Registers Using Hyperlink in Email

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What Are All of the Workshop Patient Phase Bucketing State Options?: To see all of the options, click here.

Number of Emails: 2

Duration: 4 days

Email Content Breakdown: 

First Email - Sent 2 days after registrant was bucketed as such
Subject: "I missed you, [Contact.FirstName]"

Hey [Contact.FirstName],

I missed you at the free [workshop.paintype] workshop you signed up for….

So I wanted to reach out and invite you to the next one!

Learn how you can heal your [workshop.paintype] naturally without pills, injections, or surgery.

Click/tap to register.

I really hope you can make it.

I’ll be going over the most common cause of [workshop.paintype] and the #1 best exercise for pain relief that you can do right at home.

Just click/tap to register for the workshop.

Second Email - Sent 2 days after previous email
Subject: "For you, [Contact.FirstName]"

Hey [Contact.FirstName],

I missed you at the free [workshop.paintype] workshop you signed up for….

But I know life happens and stuff comes up….

So I wanted to reach out to you again.

Many who came to the workshop had been dealing with their [workshop.paintype] for some time or they recently felt symptoms. That’s probably why you registered, too, but unfortunately, I didn’t get to help you at the workshop.

So I talked to my staff, and we wanted to open up a spot for you to come in for an [Practice.CTA] if you’re experiencing any symptoms.

If you have [workshop.paintype], use this opportunity to talk one-on-one with a [workshop.paintype] expert about what your pain is preventing you from doing and find out the cause of it.

I highly recommend you schedule yours now.

All you have to do is call us at [Practice.Phone], and we’ll find a time that works for you.

Talk soon,