To bucket a Registrant Lead:

  1. Click Workshop Dates.

  2. Click Review Registrants or Bucket.

  3. Select Bucket State.

    Bucket State
    Use For
    Graduated Patient

    Patients who complete their plans of care. Must have previously been bucketed as New Patient.
    Aborted Patient
    Patients who abandon/abort their plans of care, self-discharge
    No Show
    Registrant Leads who do not come to your workshop. This is the entirety of its function.
    Showed, Didn't Schedule
    Registrant Leads who attended your workshop but didn’t schedule an appointment.
    Scheduled Free Exam at Workshop
    Registrant-leads who attended your workshop and scheduled a free screen or initial evaluation, depending on your Call To Action.
    New Patient
    Anyone who signs up for a POC.
    Upsold to free screen prior to workshop or Upsold to Free Screen Before Workshop
    Any-source leads who you upsell to a FS or IE before your workshop, depending on your Call To Action.
    Upsold to free screen after workshop or Upsold to Free Screen After No Show
    Registrant Leads who sign up for a FS or IE, depending on your Call To Action, on your no-show calls completed during the workshop
    Stop Emails
    Removes a Registrant Leads from the current workshop indoctrination campaign only. This is the entirety of its function.
    Reschedule to next workshop or Move to Next Workshop - (Next workshop date)
    Registrant Leads who cannot attend your current workshop and want information on the next workshop of that same type.

  4. Click Save.