Cooler than our cars' dashdoards for starters. The Reporting Dashboard (at shows your Google Ads results over a customizable period of time. Click Calls to not just see your list of Google Ads calls, but listen to recordings and rate them. Hold your front desk staff accountable. Yup, callers are notified their calls are being recorded.

What do those numbers mean?

How often your ad "airs," or is shown, on a user's computer screen. IMPRESSIONS goes up each time your ad is shown on a search result page or other Google Network site.
ClicksWhenever someone clicks your ad.
CTRClick through rate. CLICKS divided by IMPRESSIONS. How many people saw your ad and clicked. Average CTR for healthcare is 1.71%.
CostCost to advertise. Your ad spend.
Avg. CPCAverage cost per click. COST divided by CLICKS.
Web Convs.Web conversions. The number of patients who submitted interest forms.
Phone Convs.Phone conversions. The number of phone callers.
Total Convs.Total conversions. The collected number of patients who submitted interest forms and phone callers.
Conv. RateConversion rate. TOTAL CONVSdivided by CLICKS.
CPACost per acquisition. Cost per lead. Ad spend broken down by lead.


View metrics within the advertising heirarchy. What's that? Top down it's the different ad campaigns, their ad groups, the ad groups' ads, and the ads' keywords.


Where your clicks come from (plus users' device infomartion!). The different click opportunities contained in ads and your landing page.