Email campaigns aren't a slapdash thing. We want you to know that. We work hard to continually create new content so there's always something to your liking and so you can diversify/layer your marketing.

All that data collected in single-question emails, all the feedback you send in, post on Facebook, or talk about with your Customer Success Manager—that all goes into building an email campaign. 

  1. You and your patients are our primary source for idea extraction.
  2. The Research and Development team creates copy and media.
  3. The Expert Marketing team blueprints the campaign, maps it out, aka builds the automation.
  4. We test it—because mapping and building automation is nuts.
  5. The Expert Marketing team quality assures (QA) it.
  6. A Customer Success Manager always QAs it.

Then you, informationally locked and loaded, choose the best email campaign for you and your practice.

Not sure which to choose? Ask your Customer Success Manager.

Want to see different campaigns? Give us feedbackLet us know what you think so we can make better, more appealing, more engaging content.